Amphenol Mil-Spec connector & Raychem heat shrink boot (56 cavities)


40 cavities of 20AWG, and 8 cavities of 16awg. Mainly used for motorsport and Military (Raychem boot included).




*Connector plug

*Connector receptacle

*All terminal pins

*All terminal sockets

*Removal/insertion tools

*Raychem boot

20AWG cavities #48 (This contact also works with 22 & 24 AWG wire)

16AWG cavities #8 (This contacts also work with 18 & 20 AWG wire)

You will need a solid contact tool to crimp the terminals, for any additional info contact us.

SHELL: Aluminum Alloy
SHELL PLATING: Cadmium, Electroless Nickel, Black Electroless Nickel, Black Zinc Nickel, Black Zinc Cobalt, Green Zinc Cobalt
INSULATOR: High Grade Thermoplastic
CONTACT: Copper-Alloy
GROMMET AND SEALS: Silicone Based Elastomer


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