FIC 1200CC (PREVIOUSLY 1100CC) High-Z Fuel Injectors : 1990-1999 DSM & Evolution 8 & 9



Mitsubishi DSM/Evo 8/9 Injector Set: 4x1100cc Saturated / High Impedance Ball & Seat Injectors. These injectors utilize the latest technology and provide great linearity and short pulse width repeatability. Plug &Play fit to OEM harness. Resistor pack removal recommended.


This injector set contains high impedance injectors matched to the saturated injector signal generated by this vehicle’s OEM ECU, OR is suitable for use with an aftermarket ECU made or set up for high impedance injectors.

Fuel Injector Clinic’s 1100cc high impedance injector is the largest injector that has excellent idle performance in street driven cars while still providing enough fuel to support mid to high horsepower output. The Fuel Injector Clinic 1100cc injector is 20% larger than our 900cc (Fuel Injector Clinic 900cc is the same as ‘1000cc’ sold by others). The 1100cc high impedance injector can be used with any fuel type – It is compatible with pump gasoline, E85, and all race fuels!

Every injector is covered against failure caused by defects in original manufacture by our 12 month warranty.

Plug &Play fit to OEM harness



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