OHM Racing Diesel Resistant flame retardent DR-25 Raychem alternative



  • Raychem, dsg, dsg canusa, diesel resistant heatshrink


*Updated Design*

Here we offer a great high quality low cost alternatives for your motorsports, defense or Aviation needs.

Flexible chemical abrasion resistant elastomeric material specially formulated for high-temperature fluid resistance, and long term heat resistance used as jacketing material for   aviation, military and motorsports harnesses.


  •  Resistant to diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids & chemicals
  •  Flame retardent
  •  Flexible material
  •  Shrinkable 2:1
  •  Operating temperature -70 to 150℃   (302°F)


Low Temperature Flexibility 4 hours at -85 °F (-65 °C) No cracks
Heat Shock 4 hours at 392 °F (200 °C) No cracks, flowing or dripping
Heat resistance: 168 hours at 302 °F (150 °C)

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