OHM Racing Plug & Play IGN-1A “Smart” Coil Ignition system (DSM/EVO1-3/GVR4)



Plug & Play IGN1-A Ignition Coil kit with your choice of wasted spark or sequential ignition configuration.


This ignition system supports way over 1000AWHP with no need of a bulky/unpractical ignition box!


  • Wasted Spark (with independent fuse box): own relay/fusebox built into it to really take advantage of maxing out the coils on Standalone ECUs on wasted spark mode.


  • Sequential Spark: This version comes with its relay/fusebox built into the harness aswell with the difference of including 4 coil trigger pinned to your ECU of choice into the cabin.

Parts Included:

1- OHM CNC Flush Mount Coil plate and mounting hardware (Anodized Black).

1- OHM Plug harness using Motorsport Grade Tefzel insulated wire covered with Fire Retardant/Solvent protection Sleeve.

4- Haltech IGN1-A coils with hardware

4- OHM Custom Spark Plug Wires with HD Silicone 90 degree IGN-1A Boot  (Your Choice of 8.5mm or 10mm)

1- Small Fuse box with designated mini relays and fuses


How To Install:

We use your original coil connector to receive the ignition signal on our sequential version, however we do run all 4 brand new coil signals that you will be required to insert into your standalone ECU of choice.

Your choice of running this harness by cutting your main harness boot, or use our Nylon connector by drilling a tiny 1/2 hole and keep thing more clean and sealed.

Ground Wire coming out of the coils has to be installed on the head itself for a reliable ground near the coil.

One power wire to your + battery terminal/distribution block

One ground wire to your – battery terminal and you are all set.


Technical Coil Specifications:


  • Output (no load): 40kV minimum
  • Output (50pF load): 40kV +/- 10%
  • Output Energy: 103 mJ +/- 7%
  • Peak Secondary Current: 102 mA +/- 10%
  • Arc Duration: 2.9mS +/- 10%
  • Turns Ratio 71:1
  • Maximum Current: 19 Amps
  • Maximum Battery Voltage: 17 Volts
  • Base Dwell: 3.0 mS
  • Max Continuous Dwell: 9 mS but don’t exceed 40% duty cycle

Kit is made to order, so please allow  2 weeks leadtime.


Email Us if you have any questions.

Additional information

Ignition Type:

Wasted Spark, Sequential Spark [+$49.00]

ECU Type:

OEM, Plug & Play Standalone ECU, Haltech Elite, MoTec M Series, ECU Master, AEM Infinity, Fuel Tech (AMP Terminal)


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