2G Eclipse DSM 95-99 Complete connector kit & Tool



This is a complete kit with all OEM seals and terminals for you 2G, this kit was put together for DIYer that have more free time than money and would like to make their own harness themselves.


Please go to “additional information tab” and  specify for the connectors that best suit your set-up, we do not ship until you message us with your specific set-up, extra emissions and A/C connectors as well as aftermarket sensor connectors are also available to add on the kit under your request.

You will need this  Crimp Tool

Whats included:

  • Crank angle sensor (CAS)             “SPECIFY ON DETAILS TAB”
  • GM Intake air temperature or Stock MAF connector.             “SPECIFY ON DETAILS TAB”
  • Engine Coolant temperature (ECT)
  • Coolant Gauge Temperature
  • Idle speed (ISC)
  • O2 Oxygen sensor
  • Throttle position
  • Mass pressure (OEM style or GM)          “SPECIFY ON DETAILS TAB”
  • Injector #1             “SPECIFY ON DETAILS TAB”
  • Injector #2            “SPECIFY ON DETAILS TAB”
  • Injector#3             “SPECIFY ON DETAILS TAB”
  • Injector#4             “SPECIFY ON DETAILS TAB”
  • Knock
  • Coil Pack
  • Starter
  • Vehicule speed sensor (VSS)
  • 4 ECU connectors
  • Reverse switch
  • Wipers
  • Injector resistor pack
  • Ignition Transistor
  • Noise condenser
  • 4 wire Starter Relay (80% of DSMs have stock)
  • MPI relay connectors (96-99 DSM have stock)
  • 3 OEM Junction connectors to dash harness
  • 12 pin Junction connector to Fuse-box harness
  • 4 ECU Connectors



Additional information


1G, 95-96, 97-99

Air Flow Sensor


Pressure Sensor

GM, Stock Style




Hozal crimp tool, NoThanks!


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