EVO 4-9 OHM Racing IGN-1A Coil Plate



Our IGN-1A Plate with Hardware included.


If you are looking for making your own kit, this nice plate is a must have, run all the wiring through the bottom to keep things clean!

Comes with all hardware necessary to mount both the plate and the coils.

-Black anodized aluminum plate with flush mount bolts holes.

-Ignition Plug wires made specifically for IGN-1A, this wires have a top seal to prevent any debris coming into the spark plug hole,  as well as being compact enough to fit under the coils mounted on top, it a tight fit but we made it all happen without sacrificing the top hole seal.

Beware of fake IGN-1A coils being sold, they will not hold up and are dangerous to use!!! You can easily identify them by looking at the back of the coil, fakes have a black potting as oppose to real coils that have tan/beige potting.

Additional information

Valve Cover:

OEM/FF Billet, Magnus Billet

Ignition Wire plugs:

8.5 mm [+$169.99], 10 mm [+$186.99], No Thanks!

IGN-1A coils:

Haltech($69.99 each) [+279.96], No Thanks!


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