FlatShifter OHM Strain Gauge/ Load Cell kit Gear Shift Knob (5V)

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Comes with Mini mating connector and your choice of shape & thread size.


This lever load cells are beautifully designed for the detection and measurement of tension and compression forces in gear shift application. Construction is aluminum with a built-in amplifier, allowing for a very simple installation with only a 3 wire connection needed. Mechanical mounting is via various available threads, with custom designs also possible. The output signal is proportional to the amount of force and is linear 0.5 to 4.5V output suitable for most common ECU’s. Configuration is available for either Sequential or ‘H’ Pattern Gearboxes. The Load Cell can be supplied without a cover, or with any of the cover options detailed on page 2. The typical application is for uses such as: Flat Shift, Quickshifter, Torque Cut, Ignition Cut and Clutch-free Gearshift on race vehicles. The load cells are generally installed on top of the gear change lever and will detect the level of force applied by the driver to change gear.

Technical Specifications:

Range: ±35lbsf to 220lbsf (±150N to ±1000N)

Safe Over Range: 450lbsf (±2000N)

Accuracy:  ±0.5%FS Combined Linearity & Hysteresis (CNLH)

Thermal Effects: Zero ±0.005% FS/°F (Sensitivity ±0.005% of Reading /°F)

Output:  0.5V to 4.5V and 1mV/V (+V in Direction of Arrow)

Operating Temperature Range:  -5°F to 185°F (-20°C to +85C)

Compensated Temperature Range:  32°F to 185°F (0°C to +85C) Connection40″, 55spec, 26AWG Cable + DR25 SleeveThread

Weight:   No Cover: 3.5oz (Excluding Cable)With Aluminum Cover: 5.6ozWith Nylon Cover: 9.2oz


Please allow 4-5 weeks lead time, this strain gauge is built to order.

Additional information

Thread Size:

M10 x 1.25 (EVO stock shifter), M12 x 1.25

Knob Shape & Material:

Aluminum Domed


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